Dru Hill gets back together – then breaks up in 10 minutes

Dru Hill shows up to Baltimore's hottest radio station, 92Q Jams to make their big announcement of a comeback…..but things didn't quite go as planned

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19 Responses to “Dru Hill gets back together – then breaks up in 10 minutes”

  1. chocklitslym says:

    Best part of the video 3:29

  2. lol yo my mom used to always say that

  3. nariko47 says:

    Radio station looks like the welfare building lol

  4. tawHondo says:

    i would leave the same way sisqo did,he came all the way to say that???this nigga deserve a beating before he go back to do his ministry thing..No hard feeling for gospel..but embrass other and waist their fucking time

  5. calical95 says:

    im sorry but they reaction was hilarious . but i understand where they was coming from .

  6. mustaf Araki says:

    My ex came running back to me after 3 weeks. You just need the right technique. Check out this video and learn how >>> bit.ly/Pf72c3?=kbqejw

  7. Ctfu my 1st time seeing this..all n all i want woody to come back .. I miss dru hill

  8. john doe says:

    forreal doe i was like wtf

  9. mrwetwillie7 says:

    Stupid ass niggers, get a real job at mcdonalds.

  10. mickeyfacee says:

    FAIL. Ignorant fuck. @mrwetwillie7

  11. jilla1982 says:

    that nigga license must be suspended lol

  12. ccalll1 says:

    Sisqo would have got beat down, he’s only 4 feet tall walking around with peroxide in his hair. Would have be like fighting beetlejuice from Howard stern.

  13. MrTorrey99 says:

    Did anyone listen to the sound of the Ranger Rover?

  14. LibraChanel says:

    I believe he did tell them that in advance,but i guess they wasn’t listening :(

  15. Desh101 says:

    screw u guy!! INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT!!

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