Dru Hill feat. J Dupri, Da Brat – In My Bed (So So Def Rmx)

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13 Responses to “Dru Hill feat. J Dupri, Da Brat – In My Bed (So So Def Rmx)”

  1. UFOHunter86 says:

    Da Brat cut herself shaving!

  2. Shaneiei says:

    being a teen an going to my first club party this song came on an it started pumping

  3. biggz640 says:

    the other 4 people is smoking motherfucking crack and dont know the real RNB and Hip Hop

  4. bop517 says:

    So much better!

  5. ICYUNVme90 says:

    this is back when singers actually had to know how to dance too.

  6. Pinkintron says:

    90′s shades? Count me in.

  7. sisqo: uuuuuuuiiii uuiiiiiieeaaaaaa


  8. athena5481 says:

    and sisqo could dance

  9. benegasi says:

    New jack swing — sisqo the thing inspector—Damn great songs in that time….

  10. Hammerton32 says:

    Back when singers could actually sing!

  11. if u so so def then bitch get a hearing aid hahaha xzibit killed this foool

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