Dru Hill April Showers (me singing)

Me singing April showers www.myspace.com/alicksino

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18 Responses to “Dru Hill April Showers (me singing)”

  1. Yo man that was great, what voice type are you?

  2. 1TICKHAND says:

    you nice bra and i sing this in th showr everyday

  3. U better sang that shit boy!!!!

  4. lilreddizon1 says:

    Gooooooood gawwwwwwwddd boi u betta SANG IT…….100% BEAUTIFUL..shout out from jackson mississipi

  5. Man i got an account on youtube just so i could leave you a comment. BOY you can sing that was sooooooooooooooooo beautiful you sing it better
    then Dru hill. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yessss!! u got it baby!!

  7. You killed that bro. Salute

  8. mznatalie3 says:

    You bettah sang that damn song!!! I love it!!!

  9. 7alsamla says:

    u go boy (like martin say it)

  10. swtcndy says:

    Boy u can sing 2 me anyday. Ahhh yeahhh!!!!

  11. u go boy! this was my junk!

  12. My favorite Dru Hill song and u killed it bro! You got that 90s sound too!!!

  13. Young man u hit that! Lil fine chocolate ass!

  14. TheSweety328 says:


  15. Amazing ! I’m in love with these vocals

  16. Sans Deity says:

    Great job…anyone else think it was puff daddy at first tho lol?

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