Dru Hill Angel (me singing)

Me singing the whole entire song of Angel by Dru Hill

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13 Responses to “Dru Hill Angel (me singing)”

  1. OMG you just stole my heart I love dis song

  2. uy did good homie n got the werds down amen

  3. keebie1000 says:

    Beautiful i love this song =) made me get a lil teary eyed

  4. Latonya Moye says:

    Aww you have a beautiful voice…just makes my heart melt…

  5. sheybaby17 says:

    Ur cute just like ya voice … Look n to the camera more love it love it

  6. Burgeezy says:

    get over being so camera shy…you have a great voice…have some more confidence you’re good man.

  7. lilajprh5 says:

    Dude you can blow

  8. Mellygirl056 says:

    do it with the music because by now we know you can sing but no one knows the song so give us you singing with the song. just a suggestion

  9. tonya2m14 says:

    Good job!!! Keep up the good work!

  10. Ight ight i give it to boy at least he dont sound like shit

  11. GreeKPryNZeS says:

    sisqo eat ur heart out omg gj

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