Buy ACTION On iTunes! Buy ACTION On Amazon! ℗ © 2012 Kestebray Music Group, LLC/ Dov Serrot Music Publishing SESAC All rights reserved. VIDEO CREDITS: Directed by Destenee and Richard Sanchez Produced by Destenee and Noemi Torres DP & Camera Operator Joseph Gonzalez Edited by Dov Serrot Assistant Director Cody Production Manager EU International Choreography: Dante7 , Korey Konovough, Angel D'Cole, Ruth The Sponsors: Tony Armstrong, Eddie Donaldson and Jarritos. Thanks for believing in my dreams. Sponsors: Karl Kanai Thanks for the awesome clothing, artwork, love and support. Sponsors: EU International Thanks for the location, food, good spirits, love, support, and most of all the after party! FEATURED Brice James aka DJ Gallactic Bass Morgan Lawton Chuck Levin Eva "The Diva" Ernest Espinoza Dilan Arguelles Dillon Bastan Nao Kanai Rika Aizawa Zama Mattiolo Korey Konovough Sean-Joshua Lumbab Melody Ha 3DV Gabe Kubanda Lost In Atlantis Adam Coria aka AC Stephen Willette aka Lonesome Andy Vu Lourdes Coria George Paramore SONG CREDITS: Lyrics: Destenee McKenzie Music Production: Destenee McKenzie Vocal Production & Arrangement: Destenee McKenzie Guitars: Destenee McKenzie Mixing: Destenee McKenzie Mastering: Ryan Clement & Destenee McKenzie A&R: Noemi Torres Executive Producer: Noemi Torres * Special Thanks to John Barnes and Innersound Recording Studios for your great insight, advise and <b>…</b>

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  1. Ella es belleza española!

  2. Now I know how to spell action!!! lol that’s my cousin….

  3. Come back to Boston Destenee…

  4. HaxxoorLSPT says:

    Show me some A C T I O N Babe I hear your voice speaking out the words but I see no action to the way they hold so wont you pull me close let your body show where the nights gonna take us cause babe I wanna go….

  5. iCodeee says:

    Destenee you make us very proud here in ATL…can’t wait to NYE

  6. Lights, camera… A C T I O N !!!

  7. JvnMedia says:

    The choreo is tight! Good work!

  8. ChickBomBX says:

    She came to my highschool!!!

  9. leetacademy says:

    Baila rico…. que sin accion o no accion me enamoro de ella ahorita mismo

  10. EdMagikTV says:

    I like it! A-C-T-I-O-N, Action!

  11. U have a beautiful voice.

  12. DOWNSR says:

    Sexy, inspiring,makes me wanna move ! Raw talent.

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