Dave Brubeck Quartet – Jazz Pour Tous in Belgium

St Louis Blues (WC Handy) 0:00 Koto Song (Brubeck) 8:11 Three To Get Ready (Brubeck) 14:12 In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) 18:30 Take Five (Desmond) 24:39 Filmed in Belgium, 10 October 1964. Dave Brubeck – Piano Paul Desmond – Alto Saxophone Joe Morello – Drums Gene Wright – Bass (I do not own the rights to this)

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18 Responses to “Dave Brubeck Quartet – Jazz Pour Tous in Belgium”

  1. Esto fué filmado en Octubre de 1964…….¡¡BRILLANTES MÚSICOS!!.Gracias TimyCovert por publicar este video.

  2. Juan Zapata says:

    crazzzzzy drummer…. he has to hear and feel what’s coming next and produce the beat to it…. pretty genius!!! Mr Morello!

  3. The sound quality of this… stunning..

  4. bebopcats says:

    The quality of this video is great. I wish I had a time machine to go back and see this live! I can listen to Paul Desmond on the sax all day.

  5. sitarnut says:

    Eugene,”The Senator” Wright is really carryin’ the mail……RIP

  6. Pankratzy says:

    I want to clap hands and cheer after each solo, just like at a real concert. So good!

  7. Best part…around 3:15 to 3:36 when Brubeck resolves his solo and Morello and Wright smile at each other they’re like ohhhh shittttt

  8. I refer to them as “The Swinging Accountants”

  9. Rick G says:

    Take motherfucking five, bitch!

  10. Whoa, that first drum solo, very melodic. 

  11. gehricba says:

    Absolutely brilliant 

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