Crown The Empire / Johnny Ringo (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Johnny Ringo… Don't ever trust the devil BITCH! Directed by: Sam Link Buy our debut EP Limitless now on iTunes!! Buy merch here! Order a physical copy here: Check us out on fb!!

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15 Responses to “Crown The Empire / Johnny Ringo (Official Music Video)”

  1. SaintsofLA says:

    this song reminds me of crown the empire
    now stop comparing bands, no point since bands in the same genre tend to sound similar

  2. RuleBreaking says:

    no shit, this is Crown The Empire dumbass -.-

  3. Fangcloud says:

    reminds, means similar, has at least some similarities, doesn’t have to be the same..

  4. IkeepUmad says:

    this is CTE you dumbass -.-

  5. Waldo IG says:

    When I first heard this I was like holy shit doode finally did something good with his life :P

  6. SaintsofLA says:

    my god you’re stupid, i’m saying they sound like themselves and there is no need to compare bands you stupid fucking cunt

  7. Can someone please slap a brazzers logo @:50 for the drummers face

  8. ohaiitsaimee says:

    these guys are amazing!

  9. I do believe that was the intended joke.

  10. what about andy? his voice is unique

  11. Justin Bragg says:

    I bet you need two vocalists. This type of “synth rape/attempting to be heavy or epic” is so stale now jeez. DISLIKE

  12. TheOCEKid says:

    Are they christian?

  13. Kara Bealle says:


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