It’s All Coming Back To Me Now in the Style of “Céline Dion” with lyrics (no lead vocal)

It's All Coming Back To Me Now in the Style of "Céline Dion" with lyrics (no lead vocal)

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13 Responses to “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now in the Style of “Céline Dion” with lyrics (no lead vocal)”

  1. So, I’m auditioning for our schools production of West Side Story. I’m gonna play Anita, and this is my audition song! I’ll get my teacher to film auditions, and then ask for the copy of my audition and post it.

  2. I love this song but I CAN’T FUCKING SING IT! WHY is it so hard? :(

  3. 20 Thumbs up and I will sing this song Next year on Britains Got Talent :D <3

  4. I love this song, remember me with my past.. ohhh memories..

  5. klaitz18 says:

    there was a verse cut here…

    “There were those empty threats and hollow lies
    And whenever you tried to hurt me
    I just hurt you even worse
    And so much deeper

    There were hours that just went on for days
    When alone at last wed count up all the chances
    That were lost to us forever”
    :( why’d you cut it… wanted to download this video for a friend.. she’ll join a singing contest..

  6. Home Aloneeeee! let’ sing!

  7. I thought I wouldn’t remember the tune for this song cause i haven’t heard it in so long…but it all came back to me just now ^_^

  8. Tom6093 says:


  9. can i have a request ,can you do a minus one of dance with my father by jessica sanchez ? thanks

  10. Tommy Pace says:

    this was a complete riot. thank you soooo much.

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