Classic Albums-Nirvana/Nevermind Part One

Part two here:

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8 Responses to “Classic Albums-Nirvana/Nevermind Part One”

  1. axlrosea675 says:

    right. though without the hype, i might not have even known about them as a teenager.

  2. axlrosea675 says:

    what’s this taken from and which year?

  3. crusherbmx says:

    Probably true but they could have just toned it back and just let the music speak. I got sick of hearing about how they were the Beatles of my generation…um no…they were just a good band, leave it at that.

  4. axlrosea675 says:

    i agree. didn’t come across as the new beatles to me anyway.

  5. The right music at the right time! Simple as that.

  6. 9t9t3 says:

    Krist is a really respectable guy. He is unbelievably modest for someone who played in a band that changed music for ever

  7. JOHN L says:

    Nirvana great band + Butch Vig great producer = PERFECTION enough said.

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