Chief Keef Takes Miami 7/24/2012

Finally Rich Coming Soon Chief Keef Tears Down Miami, Bal Harbor Mall, Skkkkrrrrts in Bentley and Lambo. Follow @ChiefKeef shot and edited by @WhoisHiDef and @MODELMEDIAGROUP @TwinCityCEO

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7 Responses to “Chief Keef Takes Miami 7/24/2012”

  1. felix23ftp says:

    wht is tht shit ? lmao

  2. KiidMilhouse says:

    Calm down guy, worry about your white life. Let blacks be Blacks

  3. Cash Bell says:

    u cant hate on a young nigga wit money..str8 up

  4. He gonna go broke fo real

  5. suriibwoy95 says:

    thats what ya hope is

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