Chief Keef performs @ Warehouse Live in Houston

This weekend, Houston hosted the Bi-Annual Houston Sneaker Summit with the after party held at Warehouse Live. Chicago up-comer Chief Keef was the headline performance and he didn't disappoint. Like many people my age, I had no clue Chief Keef had fans. It may not have been a million fans, but the ones that showed up were dedicated to the cause. Mosh Pits were formed, people were jumping on stage, I felt like I was at a Lil Jon concert in 2003. Yes, it was that serious. People were being pushed off the stage, people were getting stepped on. Thank goodness for the chivalrous gentleman protecting me :-) . The event was presented by 365 Live, so that makes them 2/2. Good way to start.

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15 Responses to “Chief Keef performs @ Warehouse Live in Houston”

  1. MissRory662 says:

    that dude beside him dick aint even hard

  2. Explain how he’s so “REAL”. This teenage nigga is fake like Waka Flocka Flame. Just because you make trap music it don’t mean that your doing what your lyrics say.

  3. Dude you know you can’t make an idiot see knowledge you see this type of ignorant Hip Hop is like religion to these stupid ass young niggas that do stupid shit that gets them put in prison before they are 19 all for the sake of being considered real which is fake cause being real is being yourself and not thinking that materials make you a better than anybody that’s why I only listen to Metal now and old Hip Hop sorry if I typed too much it’s just sad to see where my generation is

  4. I’m only 15 but I don’t like this type of shit. I listen to Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole Ect. I also like Del Tha Funkee Homosapien lol.

  5. I’m only 17 and this type of music has no meaning at all like I said I’m into metal now at least they don’t tell me how much broker I am than them and how they take my money and fuck my bitch with it

  6. I hate Metal but that’s true.

  7. zaydennis says:

    damn they turnt up in there

  8. LIVEKIDD151 says:

    Okay this has no meaning to you because you not living the n the life he coming from if you grew up how he did u would understand …. So go listen to rock

  9. KingTj1297 says:

    Search T.Reed #ABM

  10. 04:21 looses sun glasses

  11. Gunshots were fired from a Blue Pontiac Grand Prix in the Washington Park neighborhood of Chicago, just South of Hyde Park,when police arrived at the scene, a suspect allegedly pointed a gun at them. The officers fired a shot back. 2 young men, including Chief Keef, were apprehended; a third escaped. Rumors swirled that Keef had been killed in a shootout with police; in fact, he’d been arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon. – Keef is about that life. Point blank period.

  12. If that’s what you think then I don’t care it’s your opinion. I personally think the niggas still fake.

  13. idc what you say he might been thru shit but a 16 cant be a “real nigga” hes dope and gonna be hot… but dont call him a real nigga… thats disrespectful to real niggas… even tho keef the truth

  14. Maniakq1 says:

    there are new rappers in the game that are soooooooo much better then this joke…wtf is he even talking about? stupid random shit, makes no sense, no meaning, just makes your head bob…i actually have a headache listening to this garbage xD

  15. Maniakq1 says:

    where he bent over and waved his arms around? you’re a moron

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