News story + confrontation footage + funeral footage + 3hunnak official music video that dissed Chief Keef "Chicago police are investigating possible connections between the Tuesday slaying of a teen rapper, a raging Englewood gang conflict and a mocking Tweet on the account of the victim's rap rival — rising South Side star Chief Keef, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times. Hours after the murder, on Chief Keef's Twitter account, a message was posted saying, "Its Sad Cuz Dat N—- Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO." LMAO is slang for "laughing my ass off." That Tweet drew angry responses among Chief Keef's 224000 Twitter followers. His account later carried Tweets claiming it had been hacked and saying, "If u dnt talk 2 me or dro my manager … it's not real." Chicago police officers were on the street Wednesday night looking for Coleman's killer. Police are looking to see if his murder is connected to an ongoing conflict in Englewood between the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples street gangs that has been playing out in a series of threats on social media sites. In Keef's responses on his account, Chicago-born rap star Lupe Fiasco was called out, with the Keef account posting: "wen I see him I'ma smack him like da lil b—- he is #300." On his account, Fiasco, who recently told a radio station he was scared of the violence Chief Keef represents, replied "I cant go 4 that @ChiefKeef & i cant let the people i love, including you my n—-, go 4 that either. We kings <b>…</b>

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  1. well dat nigga was asking for it and my nigga cheif keef gave it to him#GBE

  2. ACLM3 says:

    all them guns dont mean shit that nigga dead

  3. xSoupp says:

    Chief Keef shows how the music game has to be played lol

  4. tobiehess1 says:

    WTF why is everyone supporting chief keef for laughing and maybe being involved in a murder. plus why should people die over hip hop??!!?

  5. Word up either he was high as ish too or them bangers wasnt loaded…

  6. all them pistols , how the fuck he get popped

  7. DaGeneral16 says:

    sad how these young niggas dying out so easily. and they got so much talent.

  8. WayUpHighEnt says:

    check out @dooski_mob #HateSoSa on YouTube

  9. pussies wit guns, they should allbhave a blast and kill eachother… skinny fucks wouldnt last a day without a gun

  10. these lil niggers in th rap industry literally gettin butt fucked to put out trash dr. suess elementary music and only illiterate mf like the shit

  11. just because he diss chief keef dnt mean he had to go kill dhet boy in that case half of these rappers would have been dead bt he new in the game so he gone have to learn thats not how you go by things bt if he wanna mess up and go to jail over some stupid like that so be it shid

  12. dude fucked up up it was gang related

  13. Raphial Lee says:

    Why does every time a gangster rapper gets their feelings hurt they start running around shooting everyone


  15. 5554151 says:

    Bro Kanye, Twista, and Do or Die are not trash just new Chi-Town artist coming out that are trash not all of them.

  16. Isiah Parker says:

    All them fake ass guns at the end dem boys hot toys

  17. Dancin on the funeral on the song that got him killed…
    The irony…

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