Chief Keef Gets On ABC’s Nightline (Inside Chicago’s Gang Wars) Gangland

Chief Keef Gets On ABC's Nightline (Inside Chicago's Gang Wars) Gangland

Hidden America: Inside Chicago's Gang War Rapper Chief Keef Gets On ABC's Nightline (Inside Chicago's Gang Wars)

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15 Responses to “Chief Keef Gets On ABC’s Nightline (Inside Chicago’s Gang Wars) Gangland”

  1. yourAbigturd says:

    wtf does correct the environment…you are the environment GTFO fix yourselves and the violence will stop

  2. lolwhatdude says:

    They some liars saying hispanic gangs n they black rivals this isnt cali blacks n hispanic fuck with each otha they in the same gangs sometimes

  3. Josue Flores says:

    For talking shit bout chief Keef! They should shoot her ass!

  4. fuck those punk ass bitch gang’s call the cop’s fuck them punks put there ass in prison .

  5. I Would Snitch all day on our bitch ass all day call the cop’s and say a that nigga shot him all you scared thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright, or panic ass nigga’s have to stop Snitch fuck you . your ass is going to prison little bitch ass nigga’s. SCARED ASS FUCKIN PEOPLE GOT 16 YEAR OLD COWARD ‘S WITH GUNS AND THEY DONT HAVE TO KNOW YOU CALLED AND SAID A THAT NIGGA SO IN SO KILLed TIM . DONT SNITCH OLD SCARED ASS NIGGA’S . WALL THEN LET THEM RUIN YOUR COMMUNITY !

  6. shoot your fuckin self punk ass nigga.

  7. mac123aljt says:

    4:32 the pastor have that dude a gangster ass handshake lmao

  8. briteman45 says:

    Lmao the cops pussy as hell

  9. TheM4dtroll says:

    O_O is it me or is jojo’s head shaped different than when they show the picture of him in the casket then the other picture and the video???!!!!???!!!
    because it may seem ike he looks a little different and that he may not be dead and that it could be someone else in there.

  10. doodooman14 says:

    We used to eat walalallelen a lot

  11. WOWNC96 says:

    Guns dont kill people, People kill people

  12. what did Cheif Keef have to do with this

  13. v00dochild22 says:

    Chiraq, Drillinois

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