Chief Keef – I Dont Know Dem (Shot By @AZaeProduction)

Shot By Twitter.Com [Produced By Young Chop}

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13 Responses to “Chief Keef – I Dont Know Dem (Shot By @AZaeProduction)”

  1. eric palmer says:

    All y’all niggas a bunch of dick ridin faggots

  2. KKMx93 says:

    he still shit how he has a record is beyond me

  3. DurSurgurn says:

    @Trelli3MatriX Ol’ Dirty Bastard shot at a cop. Try again.

  4. chazzybadazz says:

    Just another illuminati puppet being used to corrupt the minds of the youth. Jesus saves folks!

  5. Barack Obama says:

    Boosie is a bitch compared to Chief Keef real shit and Boosie is my nigga.

  6. Tony Kinter says:

    Lil pretend thug….he ain’t sh*t

  7. this nigga aint got no choice he really bout that chicago life lil niggaz

  8. @Smallparrot5 talk that in his face.. or even better yet fredo santanas.. you’ll get that lil jojo treatment… the cops already found out his murder if chief keef wasn’t signed to a major label.. he would be doing life WITH lil reese… Plus keef was in a shootout with the cops.. Keef bout dat life.. period try him and see

  9. @Smallparrot5 he was in a shootout with the cops then fled.. they thaught he was dead untill they found him… it in chicago sun times look it up bro.. its all facts but no one knows how he was let off easy lol

  10. JayPurp420 says:

    Check out my beats.

  11. Korey Dotson says:

    soundcloud(.)com/korey136 for DOPE BEATS and search Korey Dotson @Datpiff for my beat tape.Thanks

  12. DailyGio says:

    im a 16 year old rapper outta South Florida, i love music its not my hobby its my passion. its hard to do anything in this game as hard as it is, it was kinda hard for me to admit being a rapper but now i dont care what people think. i love what im doing. i have 2 videos on my channel im just starting it would be great if i had supporters but you dont have to do anything, but i would just like if you guys just came and checked my channel out it would mean alot thank you.

  13. TenTrayHC says:

    My fav shit 2 ride to.

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