T-Bone Walker w/ Jazz At The Philharmonic – Live in UK 1966

Norman Granz "Jazz at the Philharmonic" Poplar Town Hall, UK Weds 30th November 1966 – BBC TV "Woman, You Must Be Crazy" (Aaron Walker) "Goin' To Chicago Blues" (Aaron Walker) w/ Dizzy Gillespie, Teddy Wilson, Louis Bellson, Clark Terry, Coleman Hawkins, Zoot Sims, Jimmy Moody, Benny Carter and Bob Cranshaw.

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7 Responses to “T-Bone Walker w/ Jazz At The Philharmonic – Live in UK 1966”

  1. grunntalll says:

    and the same year blonde on blonde came out, and east west by the butterfield blues band. god what a year

  2. mscrowston says:

    this is sublime! but why restrict from mobiles? if I was gonna breach anything, I would do it on a pc. by the way, I bought it twice thanks to the link – this version and also his studio version so his estate owes you thks

  3. MrKarat65 says:

    T. Bone Walker was also Cherry Berry’s musical hero…. the only guy in the biz who could turn Chuck into that ‘ little kid’ who wants to make his papa proud.

  4. nditsokuwe says:

    T-Bone is the man

  5. sends shivers down my spine – gorgeous!

  6. MrCBroz says:

    Some music gets at your mind, some music at your heart. This pierces to my soul. And it still rings so true so many years later.

  7. thebighat99 says:

    I love the second song at around 5:00 makes me smile :) )

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