Blacklisted Me – Reprobate Romance (Official music video)

for all news/music/contact/ ect. go to Merch Here "LIKE" Lexus Amanda and Blacklisted Me on facebook! Lexus Amanda's (blacklisted me) twitter: Lexus Amanda's FaceBook: contact: To whom this may concern, It's time to let you know a little bit about what you can expect from Blacklisted Me and I. I express myself much more as an artist than a singer, and as I make my way into the music industry, i want to make it clear that this is not just about having a wide range of vibrato. That is not what I myself am here to do, I am here to inspire and express myself with lyrics that come from my the darkest crevices of my mind, and to create a sound that expresses who I am, not what anyone else is nor what they find appealing.. if you aren't happy with the sound, than shut up and stay out of my way. This is my vision not yours. I am here to create an appearance that can kill, to give an audience a show that leaves them breathless, and as I design this outlet for myself I'd like it to be the outlet for the pain of others as well. -Lexus Amanda Blacklisted Me: Lexus Amanda Director/DP/Editor/Camera Operator: Chad Michael Ward Producer/Camera Operator/Still Photography: Mary Taylor Set Dresser: David McCullough Gaffer: Carlos Oropeza Grip: Suzan Jones Catering, Craft Services: Tabetha Wallace Production Assistants: Miranda Jayne Garrett Guest <b>…</b>

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8 Responses to “Blacklisted Me – Reprobate Romance (Official music video)”

  1. AngelStuff3 says:

    She is the reason Nick and back in Get Scared and Joel Faviere is out. Both members are no longer in this band anymore.

  2. ick4eva says:

    Lexus Amanda, get in my bed!!! ;) 

  3. Storm Walker says:

    Saw this in the suggestion, I regret nothing.

  4. mazarthy says:

    Why does everyone love Lexus in this? I prefer Samantha’s voice. :s

  5. Oh my fucking God, you’re so right. Dahvie and Jayy pull it off better.

  6. But, this song is amazing.

  7. idk why but i really love this band and this song though its the 1st time im listening to it. It does have something special ^^

  8. I heard it the first time and i love it. The two female voice withe the man are perfect.! The Video is great (:

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