Billboard Chart Highlights (5/15/2010)

This is acompilation of debuts, greatest gainers, and #1 singles on Billboard's genre/format charts. The charts (in their entirety) are only accessible for Billboard subscribers, which is why I am not able to add in Last Wk/Weeks/Peak stats or make full chart videos for that matter. The information is actually revealed before the release of the charts and can be found here: The soundbite you hear at the beginning is a non-charting song from one of last week's number-one artists. (In rotation) This week, it's Lady Antebellum from Adult Contemporary, with "Our Kind of Love". – - – - – - – - ALL CONTENT IS COPYRIGHT AND OWNED BY THE RECORDING ARTISTS AND THEIR LABELS (UMG/Sony/WMG/EMI/Indie). I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF IT. Please do not remove my video, big international conglomerates. – - – - – - – - Still, this won't be as weekly as my Hot 100 videos. Sorry! I am a busy guy, ya know =) Feedback is greatly appreciated, and I hope you've enjoyed the videos!

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13 Responses to “Billboard Chart Highlights (5/15/2010)”

  1. mrdougwall says:

    Pop Sings no. 1 #FAIL

  2. TheGeoKing says:

    Are u sure this isnt 5/8/10′s Chart Highlights? I thought these weeks charts weren’t out today….

  3. This is 5/15/2010′s. As I have stated in the video description:
    ” As the full charts are only accessible for Billboard subscribers, the info for this video is actually revealed __before the release of the charts__ ”
    The link to all of the Chart Highlights is also in the video description.

  4. Thanks, and thank you for watching again! I hope to receive some feedback for this new series of videos!

  5. lol ah well, “don’t kill the messenger”. ;)

  6. Ok, I’ve just noticed a little gaffe in the video. Sorry that 2 clips are out of sync with the audio. Once again, it’s rendering problems… >=[

  7. benandis says:

    omg i LOVE airplanes <3

  8. Mike Daniels says:

    lol country’s now adult contemporary music?

  9. Not really xd Lad A’s NYN is just a huge crossover hit. Maybe it feels like one of those ’80s soft rock ballads (which is a staple in adult radio)?

  10. doamotokaito says:

    your love is my drug. <3

  11. tukmql says:

    you don’t have 5/22/2010 chart highlights????

  12. Ah, why won’t anyone read the video descriptions?!? :D The very next one is 5/29: watch?v=8iHt7JDfTOM

    This is a biweekly series. I’ll occasionally make it weekly when I can ;) )) Huge Hint There!

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