Billboard Adult Contemporary(Top 15) February 11, 2012


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9 Responses to “Billboard Adult Contemporary(Top 15) February 11, 2012”

  1. jbl12321 says:

    Good, Bad, Ok, Great, Great, Good, Great, Great, Great, Ok, Great, Great, Great, Good, Ok.

  2. Marcus Cheow says:

    Why The Edge Of Glory still appear on this chart? I thought Marry The Night….
    If I Die Young??? huh!! Can it change to All Your Life???

  3. Omg! The latest chart? I though this is 4 months ago…

  4. Rocelin13 says:

    Lady A at #1 <3

  5. Mixcharts says:

    lol welcome back! :) missed your comments on my video! especially my top 50! :) lol hope u r doing fine!

  6. Just wondering why there’re so many songs that used to be charted in Hot 100 long long time ago appears here… No other meaning.

  7. Mixcharts says:

    i no! and it stay for a very long time too! lol as you can see rolling in the deep and perfect!

  8. chrisYTPman says:

    I like Katy Perry – 0:32

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