Amazing Aliens Rap

Music Video: Amazing Aliens Rap

This is a project based on the awesome juggernaught of a movie is ALIENS, one of the greatest works of art in the history of cinema. This video is in no way trying to take credit for this almost flawless masterpiece, it is merely a tribute to how spectacular it is. The song was written & produced by DJ MAYHEM & features the polish & vocal skills of Mouthmaster Murf, both from the up & coming band THE ANOMALIES & DJ act THE FARCICAL 3. To download the Mp3 of this Aliens rap click: To download the lyrics click: to watch the 2010 update of THE AMAZING PREDATOR RAP click here: to downolad the AMAZING PREDATOR RAP MP3 click: to download a DJ MAYHEM CUT & PASTE MIX click: to visit the FARCICAL 3 facebook & get free mixes & the latest news on Amazing rap shiz click here: or follow us on twitter for updates on our stuff & general geekery: LLMAYHEM or MOUTHMASTERMURF To visit the Anomalies MySpace click: A massive thankyou to DJ IRONSIDE for toiling on the computer day & night, not only retriving the missing data but for repairing the bastard machine to a state where it could be used to finish the rap. You are a king.

Source: Amazing Aliens Rap (Youtube).

Amazing Aliens Rap Photo

Amazing Aliens Rap

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8 Responses to “Amazing Aliens Rap”

  1. This reminded me of PWEI. Did u have to even mention alien 3? Lol

  2. EzDelta62 says:

    How did the alien get onboard the evac ship

  3. spudy1216 says:

    This comment is posted in memory of the brave soldiers of the USS Sulaco, 2nd Battalion, 9th Regiment, U.S.C.M. who lost their lives in an ill fated rescue mission to the Weyland Yutani run colonist base of Hadley’s Hope on LV-426. Respect to our fallen.

  4. You sir are a genius!

  5. dan theman says:

    the end killed it! 10/10!

  6. nvk1001 says:

    u sir, are a freakin genius

  7. cube world says:

    I just cannot abandon your internet site just before recommending i always really beloved the common info someone source for your company? Can be usually once again constantly so that you can take a look at brand new discussions

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