Alexandra Stan – Cliche (Hush Hush) OFFICIAL HD MUSIC VIDEO Music video by Alexandra Stan performing her new 2012 hit single Cliche (Hush Hush). Produced by MAAN Studio – one of the top dance producers in the world. Licensing and inquiries: (Licensing available throughout the world). DO NOT RE-UPLOAD – YOU WILL BE REPORTED. All media content is © & (P) Maan Music Studio SRL, 2012. All rights reserved.

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17 Responses to “Alexandra Stan – Cliche (Hush Hush) OFFICIAL HD MUSIC VIDEO”

  1. rolikize says:

    except for the thing that she doesn’t make her songs but her producers (Maan Studio) !

  2. As a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, I’ll never understand this near racist obsession the media keeps having with the Aryan female. :-/

  3. carron979 says:

    “blonde is more fun” Marilyn Monroe…

  4. calcer111 says:

    Dragi Vasi!
    Get a new life,
    Get rid of your old one
    Then . . . GO TO HELL!

  5. 1:51 dark brother hood from skyrim :) 

  6. Gomevic says:

    listened to it one time -> love it <3


  8. emrecan irez says:

    not europian Number 1 of the world for us
    from TURKEY

  9. calcer111 says:

    Oh, sorry, didn’t know you’re a girl….still get a life!

  10. Gabyy Apostu says:

    Frumoasa melodia ;)  sa o ti tot asa Alexandra

  11. tytyjupanu31 says:

    Foarte tare mai ales refrenu

  12. Marilyn Monroe was not a blond, but a voluptuous and spirited brunette that was pressured into bleaching herself by her producers, much like Beyonce or Nicki Manji are today. It really shows the media’s unhealthy -and borderline white supremacist- attitude on these issues.

    By the way, Frank Sinatra was also from that time period. He once famously remarked:

    “Always go for the brunette. They got more fire where it counts.”

  13. rolikize says:

    that may be true, but doesn’t change the fact that blondes are the most desirable women on the planet

  14. As a blond guy, let me be the first to ask you: Do you really believe that nonsense? :-)

    European women have neither the slender and elegant frames of Asian women, nor the voluptuous curves and sensuality of southern women.

    White supremacists are just a vocal minority, who are laughed at or looked down on with contempt by modern white males. Incidentally, modern white men are just educated people who can see right through things like plastic surgery, make-up, silicones and/or photoshop. :-)

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