ACE Primo – The Real (Official Music Video)

The Real is the third video released from my latest mixtape "DaVinci". Shot in Belize and Honduras, we tried to capture that raw feel that matches the song. Check it out and leave comments let me know what you think. #TheReal Download "DaVinci" on Link:

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9 Responses to “ACE Primo – The Real (Official Music Video)”

  1. Keep doing what you doing

  2. “They told me its time to go. I said its time to get it” <3 love these lyrics , the beat, the video and niko. Im proud to be an ace fan! (:

  3. i could listen to this all day and tomorrow, n the day after that, and so on…

  4. thomasennaa says:

    nice video , u definatly captured the african sprit
    and nice backing vocials but i have to say that
    was a bad rap

  5. BOICRAZYTV says:

    The monkey tho! XD

  6. sdarby20 says:

    “Yeah you talk hard but you not dawg & I see that man quit it” <—– That’s my part

  7. Love these lyrics primo u keep it 100 all day in every song dawg wrd

  8. Beat is Dope .. Lyrics , Man Im High Off These Lyrics .. hmph , <3 That Dude

  9. I heard ” the boy is mine” in the end

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