80/90′s Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock) Hits Medley

80/90's Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock) Hits Medley

This medley video contains 5 Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock) hits between mid-80's and early 90's. Included here are hits by Toto, Paul Young, Gloria Estefan, Elton John, and Amy Grant. Frankly, I did not appreciate this type of music too much when I was young then. But as a grown-up, I can now relate to them and understand why they were labeled "adult" contemporary music. The songs are all about memories, lost love, and letting go of regrets. Purely adult materials!

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8 Responses to “80/90′s Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock) Hits Medley”

  1. TDRI Riley says:

    soft rock is my favorite genre ever!!! especially when it is from the 80s!

  2. colangelog says:

    Great job corazonazultw

  3. senorsalazar says:

    You could be right. I think Nikita is a Russian boy name.

  4. inscrible says:

    hey … Im playing my gat to this and ..

  5. inscrible says:

    Gloria e .. 2 chord on a 12 string capo 3rd fret D G and your doing her …ommpo…

  6. Nii Martey says:


  7. miamorfully says:


  8. relimes says:

    1:19 what the hell i didnt know that michael mcdonald was in TOTO

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