50 Cent – First Date (Official Music Video)

New music video by 50 Cent performing First Date feat. Too Short Download now: thisis50.co *** Download the Thisis50 app for free for iPhone and Android (search: Thisis50) *** Connect: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com Instragram: @50Cent Subscribe: www.youtube.com New song released in HD / CDQ / High Quality

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17 Responses to “50 Cent – First Date (Official Music Video)”

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  2. TRCT200 says:

    Tony Yayo has some mexican in him

  3. how the hell did u forget nas

  4. Joshdyisdifh says:

    yeah don’t forget Nas and Snoop Dogg

  5. LouDiezel says:

    Check out my Official Remix if you got a minute

    or just type “LouDiezel First Date”

    swear i preciate it

  6. tu24682k says:

    @Joshdyisdifh nigga it’s snoop lion, get it right

  7. This hook is garbage

  8. nazif kaya says:

    missed the 50 like thissss :D

  9. emmettwzg says:

    ey shittt man 50 is diggin lil wayns style now fuck him

  10. F3V21 says:

    wtf? 50 shame yourself and go home

  11. Fokosmok says:

    haha what a retards he is?

  12. this song is very good!!!

  13. ITzVanZz says:

    i prefere his old voice… THE REAL VOICE

  14. Don’t forget, NAS, Ja Rule, Common and so on…fuck Lil wayne & company.

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