3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This [Official Video]

3OH!3 – You're Gonna Love This [Official Video]

The official music video for "You're Gonna Love This" by 3OH!3 off their album, OMENS. © 2012 WMG Submit your best trick shot as a video response to this video for a chance to win an iPad. Details at: atlr.ec Download "You're Gonna Love This" on iTunes: PFR.ec Directed by Isaac Ravishankara Special thanks to Planet Hollywood 3oh3music.com http twitter.com youtube.com Subscribe to The Warner Sound: goo.gl The Warner Sound on the Web: youtube.com thewarnersound.com http twitter.com

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12 Responses to “3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This [Official Video]”

  1. 0:45 Challenge accepted

  2. chouMaria says:

    This video is SO silly! I love it!
    btw Nat looks like super cute w that hair do :3!

  3. Liam Doolan says:

    your long hair ahhh

  4. So weird watching this after hanging out at this same exact Planet Hollywood in Vegas so many times. It’s seriously the greatest hotel/casino ever. Everytime I walked in, I said “you’re gonna love this” in a low pitched voice. My friends thought I was nuts.

  5. benjaav07 says:

    2:34 not even TIGER WOODS can do this! =)))

  6. This was posted on my birthday !

  7. DanceyChicky says:

    Man, i can do this. This isnt nothing ._. Pretty much anyone can do this ._. {sarcasm}

  8. xN1KK0xx says:

    Your gonna love this!…..
    Emo Dude: Your gonna hate this…..

  9. xN1KK0xx says:

    xD pause the part where it says Your gonna love this, play then go back play then go back xD
    Your gonna love thisYour gonna love thisYour gonna love this… XD thats how it sounds like

  10. allyandstuff says:

    at 2:30 he looks like fucking tom cruise. holy shit

  11. your gonna love tits ?

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