Madonna – Hung Up (video)

Music Video: Madonna – Hung Up (video)

© 2005 WMG Hung Up (video)

Source: Madonna – Hung Up (video) (Youtube).

Madonna – Hung Up (video) Photo

Madonna - Hung Up (video)

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11 Responses to “Madonna – Hung Up (video)”

  1. marybb99 says:

    I know, some shitriah fans send me some weird links about his satanic idol shitriah. the flopped whore is not a real idol, she is the most flopped cunt on earth.
    manriah the whore carey new single is the biggest floooooop of the year!

  2. bom video linda gatona

  3. Thiago Silva says:

    But this is Tina Turner’s song.

    Ya get it? huh? Ok I’ll stop…

  4. MrTrip Alo says:

    Madonna is very successful, her new tour is doing great, Manriah Carey new single was number 115 in Billboard, and then dissapear XD it FLOPPED worst in the rest of the World.

  5. andreyyue5j says:

    Madonna is a legend! This song is one of the most successful singles of all time peaking the number 1 spot in more than 40 countries, the same with her Confessions album according with Guiness Records. Confessions was one of the best selling albums of the decade of 00′s.

  6. bajsilino says:

    All dem memories when i listen to this song, ahh love it.

  7. xanything1 says:


  8. PurpleTurf says:

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  9. Tiempo pasa, despacico!

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