Wax: “Rosana” (Official Music Video)

Music Video: Wax: “Rosana” (Official Music Video)

Wax: "Rosana" (Official Music Video)

Produced by Nobody Famous. twitter.com Download this song on Itunes here: itunes.apple.com Cast: Wax – twitter.com Melissa Soria – twitter.com Frank Hernandez – twitter.com Sean Green – twitter.com Julio Martinez Crew: Director: Casey Chan – twitter.com Cinematographer: Andrew Kurchinski – twitter.com Gaffer: EOM – twitter.com Special Thanks to Bailey and Laura for letting us use your houses! I hope you all are having a marvelous week. waxdotcom.com tags wax rosana nobody famous casey chan andrew kurchinski melissa soria eviction notice mixtape frollicking through field of beautiful flowers while thinking about how wonderful life is then accidentally running into street and getting decapitated by oncoming oscar mayer wiener truck

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Wax: “Rosana” (Official Music Video) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, uh, yeah, uh
Ow ow, yeah, ow ow ow ow
Check it out
My chick is one out of a million, she a grand prize

Met her on the dash bus up in Van Nuys

That pretty face, accent, and them tan thighs
Make me fantasize all day, I hit it like

Boom, boom, ay

She is untouchable
Boom, boom, ay

I’m tellin’ ya, man, she don’t quit

I hit it like: boom, boom, ay
She is untouchable

Boom, boom, ay
And I don’t think I can handle this shit

[Hook] x2
(What’s my motherfuckin’ name?)

Rosana, freaky little mama
She be tryin’ to fuck all day

Hit it from the morning to the evening

She be still fiendin’

Lil mamacita, don’t play

[Verse 2]
Hey yo
Me and her been together for like a couple months

Mami got that punani sweeter than peanut butter crunch

I hit it from the back like a sucker punch

Bust a nut, back to the front for some uppercuts
And in the morning she be hookin’ me up proper
Butt-naked in my kitchen while she cookin’ me machacha

And before I go to work she give me that boom-shocka-locka

I want to stay home and fuck her all day, I hit it like


[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
A lot of joy, a lot of pleasure, lot of pain, lot of misery
She turn me on, but she be drainin’ me physically

And I mean that quite literally

Cause I’ve only got so many mini-mes swimmin’ in me
Man I give it all I got, but still she wants to get some more
Back to the bathroom, back to the bedroom
Back to the hall to the kitchen floor

I don’t know what I’m bitchin’ for, cause I like it that way

And all I wanna do all day is hit it like


[Hook] x3

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10 Responses to “Wax: “Rosana” (Official Music Video)”

  1. when did youtube start uploading porn videos with music ?

  2. This song sucks….. Just terrible.

  3. TheThigWife says:

    Can’t get enough of this song and video. Glad someone is putting out music that doesn’t call us bitches every five seconds. She is sooo hot and the innuendos are hilarious.

  4. 2:17 …. Rosana has a birth mark on her ass/thigh …. :)

  5. She reply my tweets oh oh yeah!!

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