TI – 24′s (Video)

TI – 24's (Video)

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Source: TI – 24′s (Video) (Youtube).

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12 Responses to “TI – 24′s (Video)”

  1. Have y’all noticed that TI voice changed? His voice was a lil high pitched, then when Bring em out on urban legend came out his voice was lower.

  2. vman3165 says:

    lil Duval hahahaha

  3. PureLuckR says:

    Need for speed <3

  4. ooooh i think imma go connect the ps2 now and get the game started..

  5. MegaKwanzaa says:

    2:43 white man cant jump

  6. 7P9HD says:

    trap muzik 2003 TIP :)

  7. rufus1089 says:

    Temple Vs The Woodlands 2003…that Band straight fuckin killed this instrumental

  8. Riverdale collegepark old nat dtp on deck

  9. this sounds better chopped up, trust me.

  10. adriann west says:

    cause ive been drinkin and ive been smokin

  11. im tired of being broke, i need ta come up man

  12. Chundynator says:

    Money, hoes, cars and clothes, that’s how all my niggas roll!

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