2 Chainz ft. Nicki Minaj – I Luv Dem Strippers (Explicit)

Music video by 2 Chainz performing I Luv Dem Strippers (Explicit). (C) 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group Buy Now! iTunes Amazon


Source: 2 Chainz – I Luv Dem Strippers (Explicit) ft. Nicki Minaj (Youtube).

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14 Responses to “2 Chainz ft. Nicki Minaj – I Luv Dem Strippers (Explicit)”

  1. Rhasea says:

    Ii like Nicki Part.. She looks cute in this video..!!

  2. This Song Is Just So Bad That It Cant Be Put Into Words. I Like Nicki’s Verse Though.

  3. Phil Phresh says:

    Check out the video ReAdy2RoCk by Phil Phresh. Reckless hiphop with no rules

  4. wtf is this shit… i could sing better than this

  5. KasuwellTv says:

    damn this dude sucks badly him and his fans
    nah just kidding Im a rapper myself and a fan
    ’99% WON’T wanna CLICK THIS, Only Peeps with their PULSE on the street CLICK (LINK)
    i’m a rapper…theres like 100000 of those in this world,
    But believe me, im different! Im a good writer.
    I have a really good video on my channel called Like me
    check it and comment ur thoughts, its very professional!

  6. DameSmith6 says:

    you said the 38000 people prove you right. just because 38000 people dont like it doesnt mean this isnt music. just about 200000 people bought his album in the first week so what does that mean?

  7. omarballer23 says:

    I don’t really care about the song, I just think it’s funny how much it’s hated

  8. kObE24lOrD says:

    worst song ever

  9. omarballer23 says:

    Nicki minaj so sexy

  10. dope beat but da fuck was that?

  11. MsDorkzilla says:

    Yes, they do prove I’m right, and I’ve also used the dislike number as proof because that’s the most clear way to see that this type of “music” just isn’t good. And I just don’t see how a song can be called “music” just because it has melody or tune. This song is practically pointless and its only way of seeking fame is through base and a demeaning video. As for the 200000 that you say bought this album, I can’t really comment on that because I know that TODAY most people don’t like this music.

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